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Home Rehab Day 8: “Many hands make light work”

Some people have friends, and some people have amazingly awesome friends. We have the latter:


Richard and Susan came out and put in some hours with us.

Susan helped me paint most of the big living room, and Richard did some wiring amongst other extremely helpful things.

Having them there along with Nana and Poppy made things get accomplished at record speeds.

In fact, we got enough done today that IV had time to take the kids fishing at our friend’s pond:

Ace’s first bass

What a good way to end the day.

And here are a couple of pretty things I want you to see:

My entryway is complete (except for the “perfect” light fixture, which is something I need to save and shop for).


And…look at my hard working man.

…gettin’ it done:


Praise the Lord.

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