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Home Rehab Day 7: Contrast and Trim

I painted something other than white today:


It’s Behr’s “Greenwich Village” and it’s lovely on my entryway ceiling…

BUT I didn’t buy enough so that little hallway is not finished as planned.

However, Poppy did trim it out nicely for me, and since he cut the trim himself from 2×4 studs he saved us a chunk of change!


Nana cleaned some more and worked on the hardwood floors…then she hired this guy:


We’re going to rent a buffer/sander and gently sand these floors, but we have to wait until the second bathroom is installed. It may be a week or so.

Duke wasn’t the only one put to work today…he, Eva, and King all three had a home school lesson while helping to put this beam in:


I’m sure that took some teamwork.

Meanwhile, outside the house it came a nice storm which cooled everything down. It also brought out this beauty:


We’ve never once seen a snake on Pinewood Dr., so this is going to be an adjustment for all of us.

I don’t mind them as long as I can see them and they’re not poisonous…

But I know that won’t always be the case!!!

Thankfully, it was true this time.

Praise the Lord.

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