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Home Rehab Day 6: Stained Glass

I feel like we turned a corner today.

Poppy trimmed out the bathroom so it’s ready to paint now. Nana cleaned all the windows, light fixtures, and fans, so the little boys’ room is finished now.  (Some people would have replaced all the fixtures, but we can’t afford that, so if it can be cleaned then we’re keeping it…for now.) 


Meanwhile, I broke ground in the entryway.


I’m hoping to finish that out tomorrow, but here’s a peek at what’s behind that curtain:


Other happenings today included a brief rain storm and a break for a game of Rummikub.



And when IV got home from work he uncovered some rotten boards in our kitchen floor.


We’re just glad he found it now and not one day in the future when suddenly my stove and sink fall through the floor. Ha!

Oh, and the last thing…Ace gave up painting and switched to vacuuming and learning to use a drill instead.


Much better.

Praise the Lord.

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