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Home Rehab Day 5: High Ceilings and Old Wiring

We had a couple of extra helpers at the house today.

My other sis-in-law came and helped me finish painting the second bedroom, which was a HUGE help.


That is a darn high ceiling in that room. I can envision a whole jungle gym in there for Ace and Crockett…that’s probably not gonna happen, but I can envision it.

Our other helper was this guy:


Haha…he and my BFF Susan came out to have the tour and Richard came prepared  (as he usually does) with his voltage meter.  He got our A/C window unit working.  Woohoo!

Other helpers:

Ace wanted to help paint his room…


This was the longest four minutes of the whole project.  Patience = tested.

On the outside King and Duke killed some major brush with their weapons of choice, and Lottie and Nana rehabbed some furniture for Lottie’s room.

Poppy worked in the bathroom a lot, but IV had to go work at his day job today (We do have a mortgage to pay now, ya know! 😉), so he didn’t get to do much…

I’m sure he’ll make up for it this weekend! I can’t wait to see that kitchen and upstairs bedroom come together!

Until then…

Praise the Lord.

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