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Home Rehab Day 4: Hardwood Floors and Big Beams

It’s the 4th of July and the 4th day of our farmhouse renovation. We did get some work done before (and after) the barbeque. Here are the highlights:

IV put up some BIG beams that will support the second floor bedroom…


Nana and Poppy uncovered the hardwood floors in what’s to be the master bedroom…


Lottie and Eva’s room is move-in ready…


And IV used that chainsaw to get rid of the big log over the well cap, which in turn started our firewood collection…

Finally, I painted some more…I got to go around these cool doorknobs today…


Oh…and the cherry on top, I spied some pretty flowers blooming…


I can’t wait to get to farmin’!!!

Praise the Lord.

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