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Home Rehab Day 2: The Bro Cave

More of the same today…

I scraped more wallpaper and painted more paint.  I had the added bonus of scraping tiny stars off the ceiling.


IV cleared out a lot of his mess from yesterday and did some chain-sawing (one of his favorite manly things to do) amongst other things.  He was going to borrow or buy a used chainsaw, but we’re going to be needing one a lot around here so…Merry Christmas, IV! 😉


Another fun fact about this property is that it includes a recording studio out back!  I’ve let King and Duke have free reign out there…they call it, the “Bro Cave”, but I was accidently calling it the “Little Man Cave”.  Whoops. They’ve been working hard to clean it up.


We took a break from the work with a little picnic (under the shade trees of course)…


Also, IV’s dad came out and helped, and his sister and her family came to visit (and brought us a FABULOUS house warming goodie basket!).


And the best news!  No monsters on the sticky traps!!!


Not a bad way to spend a Sunday in the shade…

Praise the Lord!

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