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Home Rehab Day 1


We’ve been trying to buy this house since January!

We tried to keep trusting the Lord’s timing and sovereignty, but it was HARD!

We finally closed on it yesterday, June 30 at 11 a.m.

Such a relief to have that part behind us!

Now onward to the real hard work…

Home Rehab Day 1:

It was a slow start…

I spent too long in home depot getting new locks and other goodies.


When I finally got to the house IV was talking to our new neighbors…they turned out to be a real treasure already!  The nephew cut and weed eated our whole yard!  And the uncle bush-hogged a chunk of our field!  All for $60 and the tin off a double-wide we were required to trash before we could close on the house.


The little girl neighbors also got to work (voluntarily, of course).  They helped me ripped wallpaper off these walls:


When IV got to work in the kitchen, he just made a big mess! 😉


He took down TWO layers of ceiling! The plan is to build a fourth bedroom up there.  (Don’t worry, he got most of the debris up and out before we left.)

Other exciting happenings include…

A couple of big spiders, which is kind of nerve wracking for us (you can read that story here), but these were harmless.


We did take some preventive measures anyway with an abundance of sticky traps placed throughout the house. 🙂

If spiders weren’t enough…we found a new friend whom Crockett named “Root”:


And the friendly snake’s hopeful prey:


It was a good day overall…I managed to get most of the prep done and trim painted in the first room, while IV kept making loud banging noises and then yelling, “I’m okay!” numerous time.  Ha!


And IV’s Mom and Dad came for a tour and brought the kids out for a bit…we took the photo opp:


Thanks for visiting “Found in the Shade”….check back often for updates on how we’re renovating this 1840s farmhouse on a LOW, Low, low budget….more on flowers and fitness to follow.

7 thoughts on “Home Rehab Day 1”

  1. So happy for your sweet family! If we can help in any way please let us know. We have a variety of skills- debris hauling, painting, kid sitting, and a recent skill- laminate installation. Here to help! Can’t wait to see your family enjoying every acre! Congrats!


  2. I am so excited for ya’ll and LOVE this house. More than that I know a beautiful HOME will be the finished product. Can’t wait to see it in person 🙂


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